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William F. Syska and Lizzie Zimmerman Syska Family

In 1891, William F. Syska (b.1866-) married Dorothee Louise Elizabeth (Lizzie) Zimmerman (1871-1954) – my great grandparents.  Lizzie’s parents, Michael Friedrich Emil (Emil) Zimmermann (1838 -1919)  and  Elizabetha (Lizzie) Keuper  (1841-1935) were both of German Descent.   
*More about this to be posted subsequently in entry dedicated to  Zimmerman Geneology and my our Great Grandmother’s Heritage.
 I haven't found the location of William and Lizzie Syska's marriage, but with Lizzie’s family in Chicago and William’s in NY, it appears they moved back and forth until approximately 1908 when the settled in New York, at least for a while.

The oldest of their eight children, Erna J Syska was born in Chicago in 1892.  Four years later, their second child,  William F. Syska, Jr. (b. 1896) - my grandfather,  was born in New York.  According to Census records, Chester, Herbert and Clara were  born in Illinois in 1899, 1901 and 1904.  The 1900 Census has William and Lizzie residing in the same household with Lizzie’s parents in Chicago. Then in 1905, their sixth child, Stanley, was born in Missouri.  The last two children, Adiele E. (b.1908) and Gladys L (b.1910) were both born in New York.  The 1910 census has the family residing in the Bronx. William owned and operated a Meat Market in New Rochelle, NY.   Sometime prior to 1920 the family moved to Fairfield Connecticut.  Together, William and Lizzie owned several pieces of land in Fairfield Connecticut and appeared to be doing well.  he 1927 Bridgeport Telegram, states, “Ms Adele Syska, is planning a trip to Holyoke, Mass after the Fourth of July.” 

William and Lizzie moved to Daytona Beach Florida in approximately 1930 where they spent much of the remainder of their lives and helped to raise some of their grandchildren.  The 1940 census has them residing with their daughter Gladys Syska Horton and her three children.    At some point, William and Lizzie returned to Connecticut.  William F. Syska’s Sr. obituary (in the Bridgeport Telegram) indicates he died at the age of 89 on February 6, 1956 in North Turkey Hill, CT. where he resided with a different daughter before his death.  His wife, Lizzie passed away two years earlier also in Connecticut on July 11, 1954 at the age of 83.

William Syska Sr. and Lizzie Zimmerman’s eight children included Erna J. Syska Braun (1892-), William F. Syska Jr. (1896-1981), Chester Emil Syska (1898-1983), Herbert Paul Syska (1900-1974), Clara Edith Syska Vogt Keller (1903-2001), Stanley E. Syska (1905-1979), Adiele E. Syska Burns (b. 1908-), Gladys L. Ellis Allard Horton (b-1910-2002) 

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