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Family and Life of William F. Syska Jr. (1896-1981) and Beatrice P. Scofield Syska (1906-1945)

William F. Syska Jr. (1896-1981) and Beatrice P. Scofield (1906- 1945) were married in 1926, location unknown.  

Beatrice Pearl Scofield was the daughter of Harry Francis Scofield (1870-1965) and Maud Justina Selleck Scofield (1882-1968), my great grandparents, both born and raised in Connecticut and descendants of early English settlers.  - more about the Scofield family history in future postings.  Beatrice grew up in Mamaroneck as the third of nine children.  She had four sisters- Edna, Helen, June and Maud- and 4 brothers- Francis, John, Maurice and Merlin. 

In 1910, the Scofield family's address is listed as Boston Post Rd,  Mamaroneck and Harry's listed profession was Grocery Clerk.  In 1920 when Beatrice was 13 years old, the family resided at Woodbine Ave. in Mamaroneck and Harry Scofield was employed as a Butcher at a Meat Market.   William's father owned a Meat Market in New Rochelle during the same time period.  It's possible, Beatrice and William's fathers knew one another through work.  The 1925 NY State Census shows the Scofield family residing on Rockland Ave. in Mamaroneck.  Beatrice was 19 years old and still living at home in 1925, the year before she married William. 

William and Beatrice had 10 children from 1928 to 1943.  On the 1940 census, William listed his profession as carpenter, but indicated he had only worked 26 weeks the year prior, earning $558.   Beatrice died, of stomach cancer, in 1945 at the age of 39.  She is buried in Beechwoods Cemetery, New Rochelle, NY in the Scofield Plot with her father who passed away in 1956.  It is unknown where William is buried.  He passed away in January of 1981. 

Census records and city directories indicate that William Jr. and Beatrice lived at multiple addresses all within New Rochelle while they were married:      
1930:  19 Burling lane New Rochelle, NY               
1936:  35 Clinton Place             
1938:  30 LeCount Place          
1940:  25 Church St.  

Children of William and Beatrice Syska:
Stanley M. (1928-2005), carpenter, married Margaret Hennessy Syska (1935-1989) has 3 children.
Douglas (1930) married Joan Bateman Syska and had 3 children 
Paul W. (1931-2011) married (living-private) and had 6 children 
Daughter (living-private) 
Daughter (living-private) 
Walter (1935-2010)  
Robert (1937-2007)   
Son (living - private info) Married (living- private) and had 2 children
Russell (1940-1978) First wife: (living- private); 2nd wife name unknown, had 2 children.   
Son (living - private info) 

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