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KEUPER Immigration to America


Elizabetha Keuper (my 2nd Great Grandparents) and Michael Emil Zimmermann are the parents of Lizzie Zimmermann Syska. 

Eliesabeth (Elizabetha) Keuper was born in 1841 in Lewis, NY.  She was the first child born to Johann Jacob Keuper (1807-1889) and Maria Dorothea Pfeiffer (1816-1886) a year after the family came to America.  The father, Jacob, had come first in 1836 and then in 1840 he went back to Prussia to get his wife.  The family lived in the Adirondacks region of NY - close to the border of Montreal- for three years then moved to Waukesha County, Wisconsin.  Four years later, in 1847, they relocated to Plymouth, WI.  They had three more children, Jacob, Maria and Charles, all born in Wisconsin.  The father Jacob was a farmer and in the livestock business.  His son Jacob, engaged in a number of businesses and local politics in Plymouth.  Elizabetha Keuper married Emil Zimmermann in Sheboygan, WI in 1866 and moved to Chicago, Illinois.

  • An article published regarding their son, Jacob (1845-1931), states Johann Jacob Keuper (b.1807) and his wife, Dora,  were from Troyer which is in the German state of Bayern or Bavaria, the southern part of the country that borders Austria, Switzerland and a small part of France.  Other sources state the parents were born in Thalfang which is father north along the western border shared with Belgium.  The Keupers list their homeland as Prussia on all Census records.  

  1. Johann Jacob Keuper was born the son of Johann Zacharias Keuper (b.1775) and Anna Elizabetha Fetzer (b.1782) both born in Germany, deaths unknown.                                      -
  2. Zacharias Keuper's parents were Johann Michel Keupper (1745-1780) and Elisabetha Barbara Schmidt (1742-1786). Michel was born in Luckenberg, Elisabetha in Gielroth, Germany. They were married in 1775 in Thalfang, Germany.                                                  -
  3. Michel's parents were Johann Nickel Keupper (1714-1780) and Anna Elisabetha Weinig (1716-1781). Nickel was born in Luckenburg, Anna in Talling and they were married in 1738 in Thalfang Germany. 
    1. The Keupper name appears to have been changed to Keuper in the 1700's          -
  4. Nickel's father was Johann Georg Keupper (1677-1728) born in Burtscheid, Germany. Mother unknown.
All of the family surnames (Keuper, Fetzer, Schmidt, Weinig) can be traced to the 1600's in Germany.  


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