Monday, March 10, 2014

The Syska Family Genealogy blog is created to share our family history and make connections.  I think you will find the information quite interesting and I would love to hear from anyone who has information, questions or comments.   

The Syska  Family was a mystery to me as I was growing up.  Although we have countless cousins, we were spread so far apart, geographically and socially. A year ago I began my adventure to trace our roots on my father's side with very little information.  I only knew my parents and grandparents names and where my father grew up, but Syska is not a very common name.  It turns out that most of the Syskas in the United States descended from my second great grandparents:  Johnann Adolph Szyzska(1824-1916) and Anna Carolina Petroll (1834-1895).  Adolph and Carolina came to America from a part of Prussia that was originally in Poland.  

During this journey I have also traced my great grandmother's family, the Zimmermans who settled in Sheboygan Wisconsin and the Keupers, both families of German origin, as well as my grandmother, Beatrice Scofield's, family, the Scofields and Sellecks who settled in southern NY and CT and descended from the early English settlers.

I am going to post all my research to date, but new and updated information is constantly available.  Most recently, I found my grandmother, Beatrice Scofield's grave, which was significant in confirming the date of her death and her father's name.  Hopefully, you will find this blog enlightening and will want to share the information, documents, photos or stories you have.  


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