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Jonathan Selleck (1720- after 1790) was born in Stamford CT, the son of Nathan Selleck and Sarah (Sands) Selleck.   His great great grandfather was David Selleck who first came to America about 1633.

Jonathan Selleck moved to Pound Ridge prior to 1790.  His grandson was Thomas Selleck (1778- After 1850).  According to 'A Biographical History of Westchester County, Thomas was born in Pound Ridge and owned an extensive tract of land there that had been in the family for several generations in addition to being a stone mason and contractor.  The 1850 Census lists him as a Basket Maker.  

The son of Thomas Selleck, Sands Selleck (1817-1898), married Betsey Austin (1821-1901) and also resided in Pound Ridge.

The Son of Sands & Betsey Selleck, Sands Selleck (1859-1947) married Sarah F. Slauson (1863-1938).  Their daughter, Maud J. Selleck (1882-1968) would marry Harry F. Scofield (1870-1956) and be my great grandparents.  See Scofield family for census records of Maud & Harry Scofield


Reuben Jones was born in Stamford CT. in 1776, the third gr grandson of Thomas Jones who arrived in the new world before 1639.  Reuben Jones first married Betsey Scofield.  Betsey passed away in 1838 and Reuben next married Martha (unknown).  Reuben & Betsey's daughter, Sally Ann (1808-1884), married Samuel Scofield before 1830.  See Scofield family for census records of Samuel & Sally.


John Provost was born in 1767 in Stamford CT. where his parents, Samuel & Sarah (Bishop) Provost resided.    His 3rd great grandfather, David Provoost, had come from Holland to settle in New Amsterdam in 1634.   John married Mary Waterbury and had 9 children with her.  His daughter, Betsy Ann (Provost) (1807-1896) married Seth Seeley in 1828.  John & Betsey are both buried in Pound Ridge cemetery in Westchester Co. NY.

  *David Provoost Jr. (first cousin of John's great grandfather) was the 24th mayor of NYC in     1698-1699.  

**The Provoost/Provost family is originally from France.  I'll write more on that in the next blog post.

Seth Seeley/Seely was born in 1806 in Stamford CT, the son of John Seely (1755-1832) & Rhoda (Scofield) Seely (1765-1806).  Seth Seely's 3rd great grandfather, Obadiah Seeley (1614-1657) came to America before 1648. Seth & Betsey (Provost) lived most of their live in New Canaan CT. where Seth was a farmer and they raised 5 children.  Seth & Betsey are buried in High Ridge Cemetery in Stamford CT. 


Nathan Dann Slauson was born in Clove, Orange Co. NY in 1803, the son of Daniel Slauson (1765-1846) and Betsy (Dann) Slauson (1777-1857).  He is the 3rd great grandson of George Slawson (1611-1695) who came to America aboard the Jonas in 1636.  The family settled in Stamford CT, but in the early 1800's, Nathan's father moved to Orange Co. NY.   Nathan married Mary Lewis and moved back to Connecticut.  

*Clove, NY does not exist today, but this probably refers to a town known as Smith's Clove near Woodbury which is about 60 miles from Stamford CT. across the Hudson River. 

Nathan & Mary's son, Lewis Slauson/Slawson married Julia Waters.  Their daughter, Sarah Francis Slawson, married Sanders Selleck.  See Selleck family for records of Sanders & Sarah Selleck. 


Samuel Scofield was born in 1805 in Pound Ridge, NY, the son of Stephen Scofield (1782-1853) and Ann (Peck) Scofield (1785-1812).  Samuel Scofield is the 4th great grandson of Richard Scofield (1613-1670) who arrived in America in 1635 about the same time as his brother Daniel.
Samuel married Sally Ann Jones and worked as a farmer, raising his family in New Canaan Ct.
His son James E. Scofield married Emily Seeley - my 2nd great grandparents

James & Emily Scofield lived in New Canaan and Norwalk CT where James was a farmer.  They had four children: Emily, Pauline, Harry and Edna.  

Harry F. Scofield married Maud J. Selleck on March 25, 1902.  Harry worked as a Grocery store clerk, salesman, butcher and Houseman.  They lived in Mamaroneck in Westchester Co. NY and had 9 children: Edna (b.1903), Helen (b.1904), Beatrice (b.1906), Francis (b.1909), Morris (b.1911), John (b.1912), June (b.1916), Merlin (b.1923) & Maud (b.1924)

In 1926, Beatrice P (Scofield) married William F. Syska (my grandparents) and started their own family.  See Census records for Syska Family Page for more on their life together.