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Syska Census records



Adolph Syska (1824-1916)

Adolph & Carolina (Petroll) Syska(my 2nd gr grandparents)  arrived in the USA in June of 1885.  Carolina passed away in 1895.  In 1900 Adolph was living in the Bronx with his oldest daughter, Augusta (Syska) Hoffman, her husband, Hiram Hoffman, and her son Frederick. 


Son of Adolph & Carolina (Petroll) Syska:

William F. Syska Sr. (1866-1956) & Elizabeth (Zimmermann) Syska (1871-1954) & Family


William & Lizzie were residing at 6354 Rhodes Ave, Chicago, IL with their 4 children ages 0 to 7 yrs. - Erna, William, Chester & Herbert.  They were living in the home of  Lizzie's parents, Emil & Elizabeth Zimmermann, along with Lizzie's siblings Paul, Clara, Carl, Carl's wife Mary and his daughter Corrinne, and sister in law, Bertha Wordelmann. 
Emil Zimmermann owned the home at this address and lists his occupation as carpenter.  

William Syska lists his occupation as Butcher and indicates he came to the USA in 1885.  He and Lizzie were married 9 years prior in about 1891.


William & Lizzie were living at 752 East 137th St., Bronx, NY.  They had moved to NY sometime prior to 1906 when they were living at the Old Burke Farm located between Bear Swamp Rd. and White Plains Rd. Bronx, NY.  There is an article written about William Syska providing farming consultation to city residents at the time.  
In 1910 they had 8 children ages 7 months to 17 years, with his oldest daughter, Erna, employed as a dressmaker.  William, who was 44 y.o., although the census says '42', lists his occupation as Butcher.  We know that in 1918 he reopened a Butcher shop, in Pelham NY.


Sometime prior to 1920 the family moved to Wilton CT and purchased a farm.  William, aged 53, listed his occupation as Farmer.  He resided with wife, Lizzie and all of their children except Erna. 
We know from a newspaper clipping, that they had a fire in the barn in November of 1920.  The newspaper says that "Mr. Syska's son was filling the tank of the car with gasoline when it ignited."
Another article indicates that the family moved back to westchester in 1923, but other city records have the family living in CT. until atleast 1929.  


In 1935 William & Elizabeth Syska were living in Daytona Beach FL.  The exact date of their move to FL is unknown.  The Daytona Beach city record shows them living on Ridgewood Ave. in Daytona Beach in 1932.  They owned and operated a gas station, grocer and orchard in FL and continued to reside there until at least 1945.


William & Lizzie were residing at 127 Congress Ave., Daytona Beach FL with their daughter Gladys (Syska) Allard Horton and her 3 sons ages 7 mos. to 9 years.  William is 73 y.o. and lists his occupation as Manager of Gas Filling Station.    The FL 1945 census above is the first time, he indicates he is retired!

Son of William & Elizabeth (Zimmermann) Syska:

William F. Syska Jr. (1896-1981) & Beatrice (Scofield) Syska (1906-1945) & Family


In 1930, a family of four, William, Beatrice, Stanley & Doug, resided in an aparment on Church St. in New Rochelle that they rented for $35 a month.  William and Beatrice (my grandparents) had been married 3 years earlier.  William listed his occupation as carpenter but indicated he had not worked on the previous day.  


The family was residing at 19 Burling Ln, New Rochelle, NY in an apartment they rented for $25 a month with their 9 children ages 2 months to 12 years.  Their youngest son, Bruce, wasn't born until 1943.   
Times were tough for the syska family.  A 43 yr old William Syska Jr., head of household, listed his occupation as a carpenter but was out of work.  He had been on unemployment for 39 weeks.  In 1939 he had worked for 26 weeks and his income for the year was $558.  Beatrice was 33 yr.old and listed her occupation as housework, not to mention mother of 9!  She gave birth to one more child 3 years after this and then passed away in 1945

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