Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Immigration ships & passenger lists that brought the Syska and Zimmerman families to America in the 19th century

Here is the passenger list from the Howard which brought the Zimmermann family to America from the port of Hamburg Germany to the port of NY, USA on May 21, 1848.  Although they had been at sea for over 5 weeks their journey was not over.  They took another boat up the Hudson river, a relatively short 130 mile jaunt, to Albany where they loaded onto a train first to Buffalo NY and then onto their final destination of Sheboygan, WI.   The passenger list below shows that my 3rd gr grandparents, Gottfried & Caroline Zimmermann, were not only accompanied by their 8 children (ages 5 to 22), but also by Gottfried's brother, Michael Frederick Zimmermann (1806-1892) along with his wife, Maria Dorothee, and their 8 children (ages from 6 mos. to 14 years.)

Passengers listed as follows:
Gottfired Zimmermann (age 50);  Caroline (42), Fred (22), Gottlieb (18), Gottfried (15), Carl Ludwig or Louis (13),  William (11), Emil (10), my 2nd grgf, Caroline (7) and on the next page Theodore (5).  Next the family of Michael Frederick Zimmermann is listed and then Christian Zimmermann* (age 25) is also listed.
*Christian may have been a brother or other relative of Gottfried and Michael's.  I do not believe he is one of their children as he is not listed on any future census or other records as residing with or being part of either family.

Below is the passenger list from the Donau which arrived in NY from Bremen Germany on June 15, 1885 carrying the Szyszka (Syska) family to America.  On board were Adolph & Caroline (my 2nd gr grandparents) with four of their children including 16 y.o. Pauline, 10 y.o. August, 7 y.o. Bertha and 21 y.o. Ottilie.  Their older children had already come to America separately between 1874 and 1883. In total they had 11 children but 3 died in childhood, while the 8 surviving children all emigrated to America.  Adolph & Caroline were descended by 28 grandchildren and well over 50 great grandchildren.

Adolph & Caroline's children in order were:  Augusta (b.1852),  Amalie E. (b.1854) died in infancy, Anna Wilhelmina (b.1855) probably died in childhood, Julius (b.1857) died in infancy, Mary Wanda (b.1858), Adolph (b.1863), Ottillie (b.1863), William (b.1866) (my grgf), Pauline (b.1869), August (b.1871), Bertha (b.1875).

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